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Power Mining Pool

Power Mining Pool is a company that mines Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your money and in return pays out 40% for the use of your money.

Power Mining Pool is not a lending platform!

If you choose to purchase a share in the pool, when the share earns 70 euros, you can withdraw or reinvest and but more shares.

7 cryptocurrencies are being mined at the same time.

You are paid every 3 hours every day into your account in Bitcoin.



How much is a share?

A share cost 50 Euros. On your first purchase, there is a 5 euro membership fee for life. (going up to$99 soon)

You purchase 50 euros worth of Bitcoin and buy your share and your mining starts paying you every 3 hours every day.

Once you receive 70 euros from mining for that share, you can withdraw or buy another share.

Compounding and reinvesting is in 50 euro increments.

Buy Mining Shares on Autopilot

Your account is set by default to buy another share automatically when there is enough from your earnings in your account to buy another share.

You can turn off this setting if you want to withdraw your earnings.

It is a complete “Set and Forget” system to build up your wealth on autopilot.

Refer a friend

Whether you choose to tell anyone about this or not, When you do tell someone about how much you are making, send them your referral link and make 10% off what the number of shares they purchase.

Referral program pays 10 levels deep!

Once you purchase your first share, you are eligible to receive referrals fees up to 10 levels deep..

You can increase your wealth building significantly when you add the referral program into the equation.

Coin Incomes never encourages anyone to buy into a program, that they are not into themselves. This is a Safe and secure program. We get paid every day.

All of the program Coin Incomes are in are paying and are safe to buy into.