1. Loomia

LOOMIA are a sleeping giant. The world is starting to evolve to implement the Internet of Things into our daily lives. Connecting everything of note to the the world wide web to become smart devices. Making our lives enriched in productivity through sensor to machine and machine to machine communication. Data gathered by one device will be made available to all devices which in turn generates appropriate responses to create the most efficient outcome.

Loomia are bringing clothing and textiles into the IoT. By adding the Loomia Electronic Layer into fabrics, they are turning our everyday items into functioning sensors which will communicate with the IoT world around us. Our clothing be capable of recording and transmitting data based on touch sensitivity, light and heat being applied to it.

The technology has the ability to save thousands of lives every year. For any major traffic accident or incident of grievous harm to an individual, the severe impact or velocity changes acted upon the clothing could cause our smart clothing to contact the nearest emergency service department. Giving them all the relative information of the accident and the exact location. Creating an opportunity to get to the individual in the fastest time possible, which could be the difference between life of death. For any business, the data which can be retrieved from textiles they produce is also a game changer. They will have comprehensive data to let them know how frequent their item is being used. Loomia have created a device called the data tile which facilitates valuable data for businesses, whilst also providing a means for the individual to sell the data they create.

Loomia have scheduled a token sale for the TILE token

When – Early Q1 2018, exact dates still to be announced

Token – Tile

Price – $0.06

Supply – A total supply of 800 Million Tile tokens will be created, the number of tokens for sale still to be announced

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH (Possibly BTC) – USD contributions will be accepted over a specified amount. This will be announced soon.

Hard cap- $30 million

A link to the Loomia whitepaper

Where to participate in the Loomia token sale

  1. Babb

As we already know, the blockchain is orchestrating the redistribution of wealth. Babb are taking this to the next level. There are around 2 Billion unbanked individuals around the world. Many of us are guilty of taking banking services for granted, none of us would be in the position we find ourselves in today without the ability to obtain loans, credit cards and mortgages. Research has found that a large percentage of the unbanked population have access to a mobile phone.

BABB: bank account based blockchain are facilitating a means for anybody worldwide to obtain a UK bank account, complete with account number, sort code and Iban number for international payments. Once a user becomes registered on the Babb app, they can essentially become their own bank. Thanks to Babb harnessing blockchain technology, anyone can send funds instantaneously to anyone in the world who also has a Babb bank account. Removing the three working days waiting time we have somehow grown accustomed to.

Users can provide an exchange service for other users wishing to get access to local physical Fiat currency. When a request is sent through the app, all of the local merchants are shown who will be happy to exchange physical cash for the digital equivalent deposited into their Babb wallet. Users providing the exchange can charge a small charge for doing so, exactly like a bank would. The Babb app also has a fundraising capability which can be scaled to the level of fundraising a user desires. Babb accounts will also get a Babb Black card which can be used as a tap to pay card for purchasing goods, anywhere which accepts card payments.

BABB have scheduled their ICO for the BAX token

When – Presale begins January 15th, 2018. The ICO begins Mid February

Token – BAX

Price – ETH price will be fixed two days before the token sale

Supply – A total supply of 50 Billion BAX tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 20 Billion BAX tokens to be sold

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hard cap – $20 million

A link to the BABB whitepaper

Where to participate in the BABB ICO

  1. Dadi

DADI is an all in one powerhouse for any business with an online presence. They provide computing power, database storage, content delivery and variety of digital products which can transform a stagnant website into a vibrant hub any user can immerse themselves in.

To facilitate a huge range of assets Dadi utilizes a fog computing structure, a decentralized pool of devices which are all connected to the internet. By giving everyday users the opportunity to rent out our spare computing power, Dadi are creating faster and extremely efficient websites for businesses worldwide. They already have some rather impressive projects under their belt in Whatcar, Empire and Virgin to name a few.

The range of digital products at their disposal really is quite extensive but impressive. They currently have four products in operation – Api, Publish, Cdn and Web. With another seven being introduced into the Dadi ecosystem this year- Track, Visualise, Identity, Match, Predict, Que and Store. All of them can work individually or in tandem with any of the other products. Dadi are creating a fast and beautiful internet, I advise everyone to check them out, immediately if not sooner.

Dadi have scheduled their ICO for the Dadi token

When – Presale starts January 22nd, 2018 and runs until the start of the ICO. The ICO begins on January 29th, 2018 and runs until February 21st, 2018

Token – DADI

Price – Presale $0.40 / ICO $0.50

Supply – A total supply of 100 Million DADI tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 60 Million DADI tokens to be sold

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hard cap – $29 million

A link to the Dadi whitepaper

Where to participate in the Dadi ICO

  1. Coinmetro

Let’s face it, more and more people are flooding into the Crypto scene, awesome! But can we actually handle the sudden influx of new investors? Bitfinnex and CEX are two of the biggest exchanges in the market who recently had to temporarily close their doors to new investors, due to being unable to handle the volume.

CoinMetro are entering the market with an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise. The founders created FXPIG in 2010 and have built it into one of the biggest Forex brokers of today. They have now set their sights on the Cryptocurrency market. The Coinmetro exchange is being built for the novice investor, a beautiful user interface and simplistic functionality to make trading as simple as purchasing an item online. Any investor can hold their hands up and say that when they first started trading, they found it slightly confusing at first. We are still in the early days of Crypto so I know that my audience is tech-savvy. For our passion to become globally adopted we need a simplistic way for our parents and grandparents to trade. We must cater for the technically challenged.

CoinMetro have some extremely interesting and unique features. The platform have created a way for investors in Crypto to become Token Asset Managers. To create a token which is valued upon their individual trading performance which investors can buy. The platform will also be an incubator for new ICO’s and they will also provide Curated Digital Asset Diversification. This where investors can buy bundles of various coins rolled into one package. A helpful tool for new new investors looking to expand their portfolio and also provides helpful liquidity for new tokens entering the market.

CoinMetro have scheduled their ICO for the COIN token

When – Pre Sale running now. The ICO starts February 21st, 2018 and runs until March 23rd, 2018

Token – COIN

Supply – A total supply of 500 Million COIN tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 300 Million COIN tokens to be sold

Price – Starts at 0.03 EUR. The price will increase by 0.02 after every 12,500,00th COIN is sold

Platform- NEM

Accepting – ETH, BTC, LTC and BCH

Hard cap – 300 million COIN

Link to the CoinMetro whitepaper

Where to participate in the CoinMetro ICO

  1. Datawallet

Over the last 2 years, 90% of the world’s data has been created. This has been due to the rapid expansion of new smart devices becoming a part of the Internet of Things. A world of connected smart devices, all curating and sharing data with one another to provide an efficient world for us to live in. Currently we give our data away for free to companies we engage with, they then sell our data for huge profits. The value of data averages to around $4,000 per person every year and will continue to increase yearly as the IoT continues to grow.

DataWallet are putting the value of data into the hands of you and me, the creators of it. By using the Datawallet app, users can sync their social media accounts and start to earn money for their data today. Brands will enter the Datawallet marketplace looking to purchase data to help them conduct market research. The volume of data within a users profile sets the value of it. More data that is held within it, the more value that profile holds. Another fascinating aspect to the Datawallet ecosystem is the inclusion of an application programming interface. Developers have the necessary tools available on the Datawallet platform to construct game changing applications driven by the surplus of quality data available on the platform. Allowing Datawallet to be an integral hub for AI applications and oracles to thrive and power the future of the IoT.

Datawallet have scheduled a token sale for the DXT token

When – Early Q1 2018, exact dates still to be announced

Token – DXT

Supply – A total supply of 750,000,000 DXT tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 250,000,000 DXT tokens sold

Price – $0.18

Platform – The first iteration is on the Ethereum blockchain, the second will be on QTum

Accepting – ETH, BTC and BCH

Hard cap `- $30 million

A link to the Datawallet whitepaper

Where to participate in the Datawallet token sale

  1. Fabric

Businesses are already flocking to implement blockchain technology into their network but the only real hurdle in the way for most is actually constructing the DApps they need. Without the prior technical knowledge of how to code, companies are left with user unfriendly software to construct their DApps. Of course, a company could hire a developer to construct their DApp but it’s a financial strain that not all major startups have the luxury to afford.

Fabric have created a simple drag and drop system for anyone to build their own DApps on their platform. The DApp workbench eliminates the need to go to great lengths in acquiring an expensive developer. The platform has a marketplace which allows developers to create and sell components within the drag and drop ecosystem. For anyone requiring a simple smart contract or simply don’t want to take advantage of the drag and drop format, Fabric have created TokenGen. This allows users to create a smart contract in a methodical step by step process. A user just fills in the details for the contract like token name, number of tokens and fundraiser functionalities. Then the smart contract is created, tested and then made available to use.

Fabric have scheduled a token sale for the FT token

When – February 15th, 2018 and runs until April 1st, 2018

Token – FT

Supply – A total supply of 100 Million FT tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 80 Million FT tokens to be sold

Price – $0.1125 for 1 FT

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hard cap – 80 million FT

A link to the Fabric whitepaper

Where to participate in the Fabric token sale

  1. STK

STK are an integral piece of the puzzle which will take Cryptocurrency upto a whole new level and facilitate worldwide adoption. Many people on the outside looking in see Cryptocurrency as more of a collectors item rather than a currency which can actually be used. In a sense they are right. Cryptocurrency will not be fully adopted by the world until it can be used exactly like any Fiat currency can be used.

STK are bringing functionality into the Crypto world. Through the STK app, users can use their Cryptocurrencies at any point of sale accepting card payments around the world. STK payments have an agreement with Mastercard to facilitate worldwide use for users of the STK app. With a beautiful user interface, STK will be adopted by Crypto newcomers and enthusiasts alike. In 2018 we will see the full rollout which will be first tested across the United States and then pushed onto other countries towards the end of the year and into 2019.

STK have scheduled a token sale for the STK token

When – January 31st, 2018 and runs until February 14th, 2018

Token – STK

Supply – A total supply of 500 Million STK tokens will be created, with a maximum number of 275 Million STK tokens to be sold

Price – 1 STK = $0.10 – 10% Bonus available for the opening 48 hours

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH

Hard cap – $17 million


  1. HybridBlock


What is HybridBlock ?

HybridBlock consists of an ecosystem that leverages the power of cryptocurrency. We are focused on the person who just learned about cryptocurrency, the intermediate trader, and the expert day trader looking for the most sophisticated, secure, and reliable trading tools on the planet. We want everyone in the world to have a personalized experience to buy, trade, and learn about cryptocurrency according to THEIR needs.

Four specific products enhance the Hybridblock ecosystem -HybridCentral, BaseTrade, HybridExchange, HybridTrade and are all designed to grow and scale the needs of a rapidly growing global cryptocurrency community.

March 1 2018

Open Token Sale Pricing Schedule The Open Token Sale (OTS) will be done through the issuance of Hybrid Block tokens generated by an ERC 20 Smart Contract via the Ethereum network on March 1, 2018. The pricing for the HybridBlock Tokens in the OTS will be chronologically-tiered on a first-come, first serve basis on the following schedule. Figure 8 Token Pricing Schedule.

White Paper

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