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BitConnect is an open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom-loving individuals who, like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.

Investing in BitConnect Lending

You can invest BitConnect coin in Bitconnect lending platform exclusively from the BitConnect Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from Bitconnect trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your capital back to take out from the bitconnect lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

If you wants to invest in BitConnect lending, you have to buy BitConnect Coin in the first place. Buy BitConnect coin from BCC Exchange with Bitcoins first.

♦ Lending Guide

1) When will the lending interest be added to my account?

It will be added every 24 hours of your lending transaction has been approved. All lending transactions will be treated separately for interest payments.Read more

2) I usually get a daily profit from lending but why there is no interest payment received today?

The daily profit is not guaranteed. The interest rate that you earn daily using our investment platform is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily. Some days, the profit may be 0%.But on average it is 1 % per day.

3) Why will the login shield not allow me to withdraw my bitcoin or bitconnect from my account?

Login Shield Verification security is very important to keep your accounts safe from any unauthorized transaction from BitConnect and it requires you to verify your login details every time you log in from a different browser or device.

4) I have transferred bitcoin from another wallet How long will it take to confirm my balance?

Bitconnect confirms the deposit with our 1 bitcoin network confirmation. It normally takes 10 minutes but sometimes it may take longer than usual.

5) What is the minimum amount to reinvest in bitconnect lending?

The minimum amount to reinvest is $10 and in multiples of $10.

6) Why do I have a negative balance in my Bitcoin or BitConnect wallet?

When you send bitcoin/bitconnect to another wallet, a small fee is required (not kept by us) paid to the blockchain.

7) Will I get qualify for an extra percentage if I compound my investment to 1010?

No. Each lending amount is treated separately and you will not qualify to have an extra 0.10% on your lending. The lending interest payments depend on how much each lending amount is.

8) After completion of my lending contract, would I get back USD or BCC?

You will receive USD back into your lending wallet.

9) What is the minimum BTC withdrawal amount and fees on withdrawal?

The minimum bitcoin you can withdraw from your bitcoin wallet is 0.005 BTC. Bitconnect charge dynamic bitcoin network fees that are charged by miners for faster confirmation.

Of course, these are all examples of past trades. There’s no way I’m going to promise you’ll make 300%-plus returns on each and every trade or that you’ll never see a loser.

Even so, I believe this is the most powerful strategy you will ever find to profit from currency wars.

Because we both know “currency wars” are here to stay and will only intensify moving into the future…

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Bitcoin is a comparatively new type of currency that has just started to strike the mainstream markets.

Critics state that using Bitcoins is unsafe because -

  • They have no authentic value
  • They are not regulated
  • They can be used to make illegal transactions

Still all the major market players talk about Bitcoins. Below are some good reasons why it is worth using this crypto currency.

Quick payments - When payments are made by using banks, the transaction takes some days, similarly wire transfers also take a long time. On the other hand, virtual currency Bitcoin transactions are generally more rapid.

"Zero-confirmation" transactions are instantaneous, where the merchant accepts the risk, which is still not approved by Bitcoin block-chain. If the merchant needs an approval, then the transaction takes 10 minutes. This is much more rapid than any inter-banking transfer.

Easy micro-payments - Bitcoins allows you to make micropayments like 22 cents for free.

Substitute of fiat currencies - Bitcoins are good option to hold national currencies experiencing capital controls, and high inflation.

Bitcoins are getting legitimate - Major institutions like the Bank of England and Fed have decided to take Bitcoins for trading. More and more outlets like Reditt, Pizza chains, WordPress, Baidu, and many other small businesses are now accepting Bitcoin payments. Many binary trading and Forex brokers also allow you to trade with the Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is the pioneer of new crypto-currency era, the technology that gives you a peek into future currency.

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